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The Young Professionals Forum of the Association Consulting Engineers of Zambia (ACEZ) consists of Young Professionals who are passionate about the engineering industry and are interested in ensuring the sustainability and promotion of the profession.

A Young Professional (YP) is described by FIDIC as “The Future Leader” who will fill the leadership gap in the next generation. YPs are the Talent – Pipeline of the Consulting engineering industry and thus it is important to keep them engaged within the Consulting engineering community.

The initiative need for such a Forum was identified at the FIDIC conference in 2013. The YPF was formed in order to uplift the industry where new ideas could be generated to assist, promote and identify possible problems that the industry may be facing with a view of providing solutions. The forum was also formed to enhance capacity building of Young Professionals and make a platform to create opportunities for knowledge sharing among the professionals and member firms.


Like many other countries, Zambia has not been left out. The Steering Committee have worked tirelessly in order to have Young Professionals Forum launched in Zambia. Zambia officially launched its forum on 18th March, 2016.

The YPFSC structure currently consists of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary General & committee members. The YPF is also represented on some of the ACEZ Committees.



Membership of the National YPF is voluntary and restricted to qualified engineering professionals under the age of 40 Years who are employed by ACEZ Member Firms. Members can join by visiting the website show below.

Website: www.acez.co.zm

YPF Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

  • To provide a unified voice for the Young Professionals within the FIDIC community.
  • To provide a platform for Young Professionals to network effectively regionally and globally.


Mission Statement

The FIDIC Young Professionals Forum (YPF) will provide the following services to the Young Professionals in Zambia:



  • Facilitate communication and interaction between Young Professionals nationally and internationally;
  • Act as a focal point and link between Young Professionals locally and other member associations;
  • Improve and promote discussions pertinent to the Young Professionals community.


Acting as a voice for the Young Professionals

  • Provide and transfer information between the Young Professionals community, ACEZ, Group of African Member Associations (GAMA) and FIDIC;
  • Identify issues of Young Professionals that can contribute to ACEZ, GAMA and FIDIC.


Core Values

The YPF will carry out its mission in the following manner on behalf of Young Professionals:



It will listen to the needs and interests of the Young Professionals and engage the ACEZ, GAMA and FIDIC on key issues;



It will comprehend and understand the interests of Young Professionals, encourage discussion within the community, and act as a bridge between Young Professionals, ACEZ, GAMA and FIDIC.



Members of the YPF will take action on behalf of Young Professionals who want to make a difference in the ACEZ, GAMA and FIDIC community. The YPFSC will work to help realize the goals and aspirations of Young Professionals. The committee will also act as the professional “voice” of the Young Professionals within the ACEZ, GAMA and FIDIC community.


YPs Membership benefits

  • Networking with colleagues
  • Mentorship
  • Networking with industry experts
  • Keeping up to date with the latest events, technical presentations and access to research and support materials
  • Attending events, courses, site visits and customized seminars to advance their continuous professional development (CPD)


YP Activities

  • Trainings
  • Discussion Forums, “Inspirational meetings” and guest speakers
  • Networking, Conferences and meetings, seminars etc.
  • Technical visits
  • Others
  • Bulletins
  • Social events; Facebook, twitter, linked etc.
  • Presentations (for university students)
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Newsletters (Quarterly)



ACEZ Young Professionals Steering Committee



1 Harold M. Chibwe KMA hstonehuge.kma@gmail.com 0979409388 CHAIR
2 Jairus Phiri N’gandu Jairusjunior78@yahoo.com 0967324681 VICE CHAIR
3 Malita T. Sichone NAEC Malitatembo@ymail.com 0975836040 SG
4 Chiyuni Chituta NAEC chiyups@gmail.com 0979153878 Member
5 Mark Ross KMA Mr30768@gmail.com 0973919979 Member
6 Lwiindi Sibbuku NAEC lwiindisibbuku@gmail.com Member
7 Richard Nyirenda PRAXIS lrnyirenda@gmail.com 0976832603 Member
8 Mete Banda Utilink metebanda@gmail.com 0977618229 Member
9 Nayoto Mulapani Gauff nayotomulapani@gmail.com 0979302113 Member
10 Kaira Dingi Andosa dingikaira@gmail.com 0974088053 Member

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