•  Every member shall in all professional matters act as a  faithful agent and trustee for his clients and his  charges to such clients shall constitute his only  remuneration in connection with his work.

• Save as hereinbefore otherwise provided no member  shall practise in Zambia as a Director or Senior  Resident Representative of a limited liability company,  unless the Memorandum of Association of the  company shows that the control of the company  remains in the hands of qualified professional  engineers and the activities of the company are  restricted to those permitted Members of the  Association.  A member practising as aforesaid shall  from time to time as the Council may request furnish  evidence as to the steps he has taken to provide  professional indemnity to his Client.  If, in the opinion  of the Council, such indemnity is not sufficient the  Member may be asked to provide the required level of  indemnity or resign forthwith from the Association.

• No member shall accept any trade commission,  discount, allowance or indirect payment or other  consideration in connection with any professional work  on which he is engaged.

• No member shall receive directly or indirectly any  royalty on or any gratuity or commission in respect of  any patented or protected article or process used on or  for the purpose of the work in respect of which he is  acting for a client unless and until such royalty, gratuity  or commission has been authorized in writing by such client.

• No member shall be the medium of payments made on his client’s behalf (unless specially so requested in  writing by his client) but shall only issue certificates for  payment.

• No member shall place orders on his own behalf but  shall only do so explicitly on behalf of his client.

• No member shall solicit professional work either  directly or indirectly or by an agent nor shall he pay, by  commission or otherwise, any person who may  introduce clients to him.

• Members may advertise subject to the approval of  Council Members.

• No member shall without the approval of the Council  compete on the basis of professional charges with  another member for employment except where the  client calls for a competitive ‘closed envelope’ bidding  process.

• No member shall attempt, directly or indirectly, to  supplant another member nor shall he review or take  over work of another member acting as a Consulting  Engineer for the same client, until he has either  obtained the consent of such member or has been  formally notified by the client that the connection of  such member with the work has been terminated.

• No member shall conduct himself in a manner nor act  in any capacity, nor hold any appointment which, in the  opinion of the Council, prejudices his position as a  Consulting Engineer or as a member of the Association or is prejudicial to its interests.

• A member practising in a county outside Zambia may  order his conduct in such country according to the  rules of professional conduct or the code of ethics of  any national society or body in that country and  recognised for this purpose by the Council


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