Legal Entity

Review appropriate requirements. Download the form, fill it in and send it to

  • Local Registered Firm

  • ZMW7,500.00/ YR
    1. Company Registration Certificate (PACRA)
    2. Articles of Association showing the Directors and Shareholders
    3. Company Profile
    4. Application Processing Fee – K1,250.00

    NB: Firm membership applications shall be supported by at least one Partner/Director who is registered by the Engineering Registration Board as an Engineer. The Partner/Director should meet the minimum qualifications for membership as a natural person of the ACEZ or should already be a member of the ACEZ. Where such Partner/Director is not a member of ACEZ, his/her application for membership should be attached to that for the firm/company.

  • Foreign Registered Firm

  • ZMW45,000.00/ YR
  • Submission of completed application form duly signed by authorized representative (include Power of Attorney) accompanied by the following:

    1. Company Registration Certificate (in Country of origin)
    2. List of Partners/Directors including; full names, passport number, residential address and office address. Short profile of each Partner/Director should be given.
    3. Company Profile
    4. Membership of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) or member association of FIDIC or an internationally recognized professional body in country of origin.
    5. Details of the Registered Principal, Partner or Associate who shall be a member of the ACEZ or qualify for membership of the ACEZ.
    6. Application Processing Fee US$250.00

Review appropriate requirements. Download the form, fill it in and send it to